Educational card games in which the free version, ChemiProjectXD have high potential and are inspired by traditional card games.

Now, we’ve designed a few online versions of this card game.

Regardless of the traditional deck we use. Cards, Spanish deck or French deck, they all have something in common. Numbers and colors. We can extrapolate those qualities to our ChemiProject chemical cards.

This allows us to experiment with traditional card games that already exist. This allows us to enjoy games that we already know that we like and at the same time, to review or to impregnate ourselves with scientific knowledge.

Here we will put several games that you can play with ChemiProject cards. We hope you enjoy and learn something or how minimal that motivates you.

Should be mention that the quality of the games is much better inside of the web of scatch.

In addition, should be played in computer

Anyway here they are!

10 Trivia questions about nobel prize in chemistry

do you consider yourshelf extremally smart in chemistry area? Proove it!

Remember 5 or less is consider completly lucky and it is not acceptable!


click the correct answer!

Chemistry pyramid solitaire (remix)

Perfect game that shows the functional groups. All these games have the philosophy to be first funny and then teach.


Press the green flag!
Full screen recommended
Try to clear all the rows of the pyramid!
You can’t clear the top rows of the pyramid until you clear the two cards beneath each card.
Click on cards to clear them. You can only clear them if they are worth one functional group (colour) more or less than the card on top of your deck (The big card on the left of the screen).
Click on your deck to draw another card. If you run out of cards in your deck without clearing the pyramid, you lose!
If you make unnecessary clicks you will lose some points!
Your points will be reduced with time!

Memory Game: Card pairs


The aim of this online version of ChemiProject is to memorize the molecules that appear in the ChemiProjectXD game. ✏️

This game is very simple, you have to find, clicking on the tastings, those that are equal.
The player with the fewest number of moves will win the game.

To start or restart the game press the green flag. This isclearly an
Other simple game that helps us to divulge the science.

Find the aldehyde.

Inspired by the Ace of Spades game we have our version of ChemiProject.


Look at the cards
keep an eye on the card with the aldehyde (GREEN)
In chemistry, an aldehyde is a functional group with the formula-COH. ⏳ In this game is represented with the green color.
Use the cards from the free version of, ChemiProject. (ChemiProjectXD)
It is a STEM game to teach the functional groups present in chemistry, perfect for having fun learning chemistry as an extracurricular activity.

The Battle of the functional groups


This is a chemistry-based game.
Inspired by the card game “Battle of Numbers
Here, the player who pulls a molecule with a larger number of functional (from 0 to 4 colours) groups will win.
Squeeze the green Flag and click on the cards to get started!

Finally! if you like the cards of chemiproject, you can find a free version here!

And if you want a high quality, you can find it here two different versions:

A or B: ChemiProject – ChemiProject 1.1-Children’s version. (Click on the image to see the link)

More organic Chemistry games for sale!

Rubén Canton Vitoria

Dr. in chemistry. He has published several scientific projects in the field of nanotechnology. Functionalization of graphene and 2D materials. He is also a scientific disseminator and creator of ChemiProject.


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