This version consists of about 40 cards, 39 Storage cards and 1 Project card.

Storage cards represent organic compounds, and shows their chemical formula, functional groups and small description. It is worth nothing that some functional groups has been combine in order to make simple the game. (as example, only primary amine are considered reactive. Additionally, ketones, esters and amines has been combine as a single functional group)

Project card have a graph that shows the reactivity of each of each functional group

This version is available for free. Download the best organic chemistry game.

This version is designed to perform a fast and simple game. With a “luck” factor much greater than the advanced versions. It is suitable for children. This Video-tutorial explain how to play.

Others ChemiProject version: ChemiProject

There are different variants of the ChemiProject card game.
If you are looking for more information, we recomend you this link:

Rubén Canton Vitoria

Dr. in chemistry. He has published several scientific projects in the field of nanotechnology. Functionalization of graphene and 2D materials. He is also a scientific disseminator and creator of ChemiProject.

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