ChemiProject is one of the educational games  most interesting board games you can find. It was launched for the first time at the end of 2018 and if you are looking for reviews and opinions about this didactic game, you got the right place.

This game is found in both Spanish and English and it was created by Rubén Canton Vitoria in an educational project, Grand challenge, within the European network Enabling Excellence.


A Scientific game about organic chemistry


In this exercise you have to find out which functional groups are correct. After severals games experience it will be easy. The game has exercises to evaluate if you are acquiring new knowledge!

Educational game

ChemiProject is a STEM game. It means that it is an academic game that has the objective of teaching and promoting knowledge about science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics. 

Although there are several points where technology and mathematics are relevant, this game focuses on spreading and enjoying science. Specifically with chemistry.

Like a good board game, the first goal is to have fun and then learn. It is not necessary to have knowledge about chemistry to be able to play. Therefore, any member of a family can play regardless of their level.

The tests carried out in the final versions, by its creator, the scientist Rubén Canton Vitoria, showed that the strategy of the game is the most important. Previous knowledge, help, but just a little.

It easy to learn chemistry by following the rules of the game. 

Advantages of previous scientific knowledge?

The main part of the game is based on a very simple model of organic chemistry. It focuses on connecting colors using a scheme that you always have at hand. So a thorough knowledge of organic chemistry will simply give you speed. 

The most advanced game has the BreakRules questions. Most of these questions are related to organic chemistry, inorganic, biology, medicine and health. They are all very concrete and curious. They are not questions that are usually studied at school or university. So scientific knowledge in a specific area will not ensure victory. 

Typical BreakRules questions. It encompasses all areas of science.

Obviously, after many games these questions end up learning, but still do not victory is not sure. You need to do a good strategy!

What about ChemiProject natural sciences? 

Addition reaction
Two different cards come together to form a new compound! ❤ ️ ️

For curious and without going into details: Organic chemistry is that part of science that focuses on studying the carbon atom.

In other words, any compound, which has carbon is interesting for organic chemistry. This encompasses any molecule present our body (except water). 

Let’s put examples:

Hormones like testosterone, estrogens or serotonin, are simple molecules found in our body.

Then molecules can combine like molecular chain forming  more complex structures.

DNA is a polymer and it is formed by molecules of adenine guanine tinine and cytosine. 

Sugar is a dimer, it has a fructose and a glucose molecules.

ChemiProject teaches you all these molecules and a lot of more. Explaining concepts of biochemistry, biology or Medicine.

But it focuses on chemistry, showing some concepts how catalyst or chemical reactivity.

It teaches you how to analyze the molecules.  For example, it shows you the chemical formula of each chemical compound. 

It underlines you with a specific color parts of the chemical structures of the game molecules. Which are responsible for the connections (functional groups).

We can define, within the game, functional groups as parts of a molecule that serve us to unite them to other molecules.

I mean, there are a lot of organic molecules. Currently registered more than 100 million. But functional groups are very few, within the game only 8.  Knowing the functional group (colors of te cards) of a molecule (card), you know its reactivity (which cards can link bertween).

Public objective of the board game: ChemiProject

There are different variants of the ChemiProject card game.


There is a cheap version where  children of 6 and 7 years can play without any problem. It’s the pocket version.



From 2 to 4 players 36 cards and instructions (look at ChemiProject’s blog for more information).

Then we have the version of A: ChemiProjet and B:ChemiProject and the expanded version or ChemiProject 1.1. These versions are for over 12.


Both A: ChemiProject how B:ChemiProject have of 270 cards and it is 2-4 players. The expanded version has 540 cards and is 2-8 players. (If you want to know more watch the blog of ChemiProject).

What is the objective of this didactic game?

ChemiProject game with emotions. The game wants you to have a good feeling. It want you to compete your objective and defeat your opponents. Try to make actions to win in each turn. In conclusion this educational game wants you to have fun moments with science. ChemiProject wants his players to enjoy. He wants that prestigious scientist see a new perception of chemistry and that the youngest have affinity for it before they study it.

STEM Organic Chemistry Game
The picture shows the vision of the game. First a chemical reaction of addition is shown. Each card represents a different molecule and is joined by the colors. (functional groups). Other connections need catalyst to be carried out. When you connect two cards that have certain characteristics in common. Like family, chirality or aromatically (translate to use, chemical distribution or affinity between) are obtained instant prizes, the BreakRules which can be used to facilitate reactions or on the contrary to annoy the opponents.

Of course college students can play, they can be motivated, and they can even learn. But the objective of this game is not to teach in detail to organic chemistry, is to enjoy with science.

Where to buy ChemiProjet chemistry games?

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A or B: ChemiProject – ChemiProject 1.1-Children’s version. (Click on the image to see the link)

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Rubén Canton Vitoria

Dr. in chemistry. He has published several scientific projects in the field of nanotechnology. Functionalization of graphene and 2D materials. He is also a scientific disseminator and creator of ChemiProject.


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